The Evans' family wall before and after they hung their float wraps. When Mark and the Evans family asked us to take their family portraits we were excited to capture this hilarious crew. They are so much fun to be around and they have become excellent family friends. Mark is a riot. He told Stacia and I that he was going to email Heather and tell her that he wasn’t happy with his portraits and within about 5 minutes, Heather called me all in a panic. Cruel but hilarious. They loved their portraits!

Heather even put together a mockup of what their staircase would look like with a selection of their portraits hanging up together. This really helped them visualize what we were trying to accomplish. Their prints came in, Mark hung them and they “love love love” them!

Tyler R. Brown Photography was definitely the right choice for our family portraits. The photo session was a lot of fun. There were so many great pictures that we had a hard time making our final selection. Stacia and Tyler helped us to visualize all the pictures together and the final portraits look amazing in our house. Thanks again!

- Mark Evans

Thanks guys for being great friends. We had a blast making this happen.


Which one is your favorite?