Easy-going, happy, and fun-loving are just a few of the words that we would use to describe the Underwood family. We met Kayla Underwood when she had her DFW senior portrait session with us back in October, and when Kacie, Kayla’s mother, saw how fantastic Kayla’s portraits were she decided to have their family’s portrait done with us as well!

A busy family, we met up with the Underwoods on a Friday evening at Luscombe Farms in Anna, Texas for some traditional and non-traditional family portraits. While Kayla is a senior this year at Heritage High School, Kyler, her brother attends Independence High School and is on their baseball team!

Although Kayla is the volleyball player, Kyler easily towers over the rest of the family, but we don’t think it bothers him too much – we heard him jokingly call his dad ‘shorty’ and dodge Ron’s playful smack while they were waiting for their turn to take a father/son photograph. Kacie and Kayla just laughed at them and the camera caught some great smiles!

Halfway through our session, Kayla asked if she could have a few photographs taken with the rope swing that hangs from a tree on the farm. When we said of course, Kayla turned to Kacie and said that she was going to steal her boots. Kacie laughed and said that they were always trading shoes and that she was going to miss that when Kayla headed off to college next fall.

Luscombe Farms recently opened a new area on the farm, an old barn that had Christmas lights hanging from the rafters, so we convinced the Underwoods to come and explore it with our team. Ron, Kacie’s Husband, man-handled some hay bales for us and we were able to have some very cool Dallas-esque family portraits done!

We loved having the Underwoods as models and we hope to do it again someday soon!



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