With so many babies and young children in need in the DFW area, we were elated when Nathan’s mom brought him into the studio for his newborn photos. Newly adopted, Nathan is already deeply in love with his mommy and the amount of love in the studio sparked a few tears from our team.

Nathan’s mom, Courtney, had been wanting a little boy for some time now, and when she got a call from their adoption agency that she had been matched with Nathan’s biological parents, she was elated! Nathan came home with her and her husband a few days later to a household full of sisters and more love than the little guy could handle.

And Nathan’s sisters dote on their little brother. The girls told our team that they are so excited to have a little brother so that they can teach him how to be nice to other girls! We just had a blast with Nathan’s family and we can’t wait to see him for his 6 month session!



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