There are so many great poses for seniors so we put together some of our most popular poses to help you out. It all depends on who you are, what setting you're working with, and what makes you comfortable. You want to pick the poses that show off your personality and have people saying, "you look awesome!" when they see your portraits.

Josh stands in front of the Adriatica Tower as the sun goes down.

Hands in Front Pocket

This is a popular pose for the guys since they tend to stand in this position normally. Try this pose with your body positioned differently by turning slightly away from the camera or leaning against a wall.

Senior, Josh, holds the sun in his hand at Adriatica Village.

In the Palm of Your Hand

This is a cool pose for the girls or the guys but it's harder to get since it relies on having something to cup your hands around. Try this pose with the sun, moon, lights or buildings like the Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas.

Josh leans against a stone wall in Adriatica Village for his senior portraits.

The One Arm Wall Lean

This pose makes for a great photo whether it's shot up close or from further away. To accomplish this post put one of our arms against the wall around where your head is. Lean into the wall slightly so only some of your weight is against your arm. You want to look natural.

Josh sits with his hand on his chin in this great photo.

The Contemplating

Who hasn't done this pose or one similar to it in pictures taken by your friends? It can make for a funny pose or a great senior portrait pose!

Josh leans against a stone wall in his tie and vest.

The Wall

This easy pose is another popular pose because there isn't a whole lot to it. Start by leaning against a wall and moving your feet away from the wall. You can either have your feet close to the wall or further away to provide different looks.

Josh squats in a tunnel lit with a bright red light.

The Squat

This a great pose for a variety of backgrounds. Start by squatting down and then drap and relax your arms over your legs.

Josh is looking good as he stands near the water at Adriatica Village.

Cross Your Arms

This basic pose is a good one for the guys. It's a more powerful pose, making you look strong and assertive.

Josh leans against a gate with the sun shining on him.

Arms Up Wall Lean

If you want more than just the wall pose, try this one. Lean against a high fence or gate and bring your hands up to head level. Then grab on to the fence and relax your arms.

Josh sits cross-legged on a wall in McKinney.

Hanging Out

Sit on the ground or in this case a wall for this simple pose. Cross your legs and sit relaxed but be sure not to slouch!

Josh holds up his fists in this tough guy pose.

Tough Guy

Put 'em up! If you want some tough guy photos try putting your hands up in a boxer pose.

This is not mom’s favorite, but I love the kicking of the cone. Travis is the man.

Guys Being Boys

We've all heard it the saying "boys will be boys" and it's true! You're senior portraits should be unique and show everyone your personality. Don't be afraid to do something fun, like kick a cone or ball around, for your senior portraits. In this photo Travis kicks a cone in front of a graffiti wall.

Travis taking a break from the picture taking!

The Lounging

This is an extremely easy pose and works best with the guys. We had Travis sit on the ground against a brick wall in a comfortable position. In this case he has one leg laying straight on the ground, while the other leg is bent at the knee so his arm can rest casually across it. His other arm is resting on the leg on the ground.

Travis holds his jacket over his shoulder in this great photo in Deep Ellum.

Jacket Over the Shoulder

Want that magazine spread look? Try taking a nice jacket to your portrait session and flinging it over your shoulder for a great look. It's a simple pose that really gets the ladies' attention!


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Chelsea Roemer

Chelsea loves to play volleyball!

"The Tyler R Brown photography company is absolutely amazing! My senior pictures are everything I could have wanted and more! Working with the company was such an amazing experience from all aspects! They were great with giving me locations, ideas and shooting exactly what I wanted for my senior pictures. The crew is a blast and knows how to have a great time; making photo shoots for my senior pictures a fun experience for both my parents and me.

My senior pictures were exactly how I wanted them and Tyler R Brown and his crew made it possible. My hair and makeup looked spectacular, fitting the style that I wanted. For my personal session we drove to Downtown Plano to get the city vibe that I had pictured, and I had a great time working with Tyler and Macy! Together we came up with cute, creative, and some silly poses to do, and walked all around the town getting shots from all sorts of places. From power posing in the street, to twirling around town, it felt like an adventure!

On a separate note, being a senior rep model for their team was also an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. As a rep model I was able to do separate shoots that had creative fun themes and meet a lot of new people. The photo shoots were in groups, which allowed me to branch out and meet other people that attend different schools, and get to know them better. Some were even interested in the same things as I am and we were able to do photo shoots to accommodate our interests! For example, there were several volleyball players and together we did a fun photo shoot in our full uniforms. I had a blast taking pictures of one of my favorite activities, and getting to bond with others that also love the sport just as much as I do!

The environment in the studio was all around fun, relaxed, and their crew knows how to bring out the silly side in you! I am obsessed with my photos which made it hard to pick and choose which ones I wanted. I would definitely recommend using them to take all your pictures; my family and I will be back in the future for more." - Chelsea Roemer

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Jaedyn Avery

Jaedyn poses, in one of her dance outfits, in the studio.

"Tyler Brown is an AMAZING photographer! I had so much fun taking my senior pictures with him! The staff made me feel so comfortable during my session. I would recommend him to anyone that I know. He's THE best!!" - Jaedyn Avery

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