Such a fun session! Reedy High School Seniors Save Stuck Photographer

Reedy High School Senior Ashlee Hoxsey came to us like a ray of sunshine! This senior is energetic, hilarious, and not to mention STUNNING! We started our journey in Downtown Frisco. This location is so much fun for us! Downtown Frisco offers so many unique looks from the wide variety

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Alana and Lauren had a blast! Ying and Yang in the Flesh

To say that seniors Alana and Lauren are opposites is a bit of an overstatement. Although the wacky friends are different, you can tell within the first few seconds of seeing them together that they fit each other’s personalities like a glove.

Kicking off the session with a sweet gift for her best friend, Alana showed us the adorable ying and yang necklace that she bought for her and Lauren. We conspired with...

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Taylor loves her senior pictures! Light as a Feather, Fluffier Than a Pillow

They were absolutely everywhere. Our team and models stared in amazement at the mess we had just made, and then we just burst into laughter!

North Dallas 2017 Senior Model Reps Alana, Melissa, and Kailyn met us at the studio in Frisco, Texas for a fun-filled and slightly nostalgic slumber party group session. Equipped with popcorn, pizza, and sodas the seniors shared funny stories about their old slumber parties and talked about how excited they were for the upcoming year.

That’s when our team brought out the big guns: three over-stuffed feather pillows, and permission to make the biggest mess they could! It wasn’t too long before the room was covered in feathers, and although there was some sneezing, it was between laughter and joking. Our...

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Caitlin sits in one of our chairs, in the middle of a dirt road, in Frisco. A Fun Session with Keller High School Senior, Caitlin Velasquez

We would love to introduce you to one of our lovely 2014 seniors, Caitlin Velasquez! Caitlin is a senior at Keller High School and very involved with her school. Not only is Caitlin on the school choir, she is also part of her school’s business competition group and National Honor Society. Talk about a busy schedule!

Caitlin booked our model for a day session so we started the day off with hair and makeup at our studio by Whitney Stiles. We spent some time in the studio getting to know Caitlin and showing her just how much fun working with us can be...

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Mara and Kyle Country Club Wonderful Groom Kyle and Mara Wedding Mara and Kyle Get Married!

This is sure to be a wedding we will never forget. One thing a photographer must have in order to capture great images is…..LIGHT! The afternoon of this wedding, we arrived a little earlier than normal, and it’s a good thing we did. The country club had lost power, along with the surrounding neighborhoods. Thankfully, all of the posed pictures were being taken prior to the ceremony. The deck just off of the location of the ceremony turned out to be a great place to photograph the wedding party, friends and family. The late afternoon light was perfect for capturing moments that will last a lifetime for this bride and groom.

As we were taking posed pictures, we were beginning to panic about the lighting for the ceremony, but we were not alone. There was a band that needed power for keyboards and lights for the dance floor. A fully staffed kitchen that had food that was to be prepared, not to mention, how would anyone see the ceremony, as it would be dark? The country club staff had sent out employees to purchase massive amounts of candles and holders of sorts to create light inside where the ceremony was to take place. We strategized about where we could set up remote lights to ensure we captured at least some images...

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